30 Minutes from Kelli's House

Major frustration had set in. For the past month, I’ve been laboriously trying to paint a picture that I NEEDED for an upcoming show. Half of my time was spent slopping paint on canvas, then washing it all off (thank goodness for acrylics), and the other half was spent avoiding it under any circumstances.

This week, I was perusing a friend’s Facebook photos. There amongst the 2,483 photos of her life in Idaho was an image I have had in my head for decades, that she titled “30 minutes from my house.” I quickly emailed her to ask if I could use it (don’t want to stomp on her copyright infringement). Fortunately, she was home also attempting to paint something and gave permission. So I grabbed the shot, grabbed the damn canvas I was trying paint, started slopping paint on top of it. Viola! in 30 minutes this is what emerged. To quote Buddy from Night Court: “I feel so much better now.”

As a side note, my Idahoan friend asked how long it took to paint it. I told her: “Kid, all my life . . . all my life.”

Moral of my story: paint what you have to not what you must

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