2 AM Whistles

I met a famous quoter a few weeks back – in fact, this man’s quote is so great that it’s printed in the local paper a couple of times a month. It’s not every day I get to personally meet someone whose quote I identify with so much that I had to include it on my website. Most of the best quotes are usually from old dead guys. But this gentleman is alive and well and writes for the St. Petersburg Times –Ernest Hooper.
I heard him give a brilliant speech, and I thought I’d better get in the queue to shake his hand to tell him. After what seemed an endlessly long time waiting in line because everyone else had the same idea, it was my turn. I shook his hand, said well done, and added that I also love the sound of the train whistle at 2 am. He looked at me with a grin of awareness. I nodded in understanding and quietly strolled away with the grateful knowledge that there is at least one other person who understands the meaning of 2 am whistles.
As I strolled outside to my parked car, I remembered my years as a kid listening to the trains during the hot summer nights when I couldn’t sleep. No air conditioning, no breeze, spending what seemed like endless hours of turning the pillow over for its cooler side. And yes, the world was still spinning, we were okay, and the whistles would finally lull me to sleep.

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