It was a dark and stormy night

A few of the Studio Waltz Plein Air Artists attempted to capture Dunedin's downtown scene during its 2nd Friday Art/Wine Walk. After a stroll around the area to find the perfect spot (and a few glasses of wine for one artist), French easels were set up and the painting proceeded. Within minutes, storm clouds started swirling around us like a pack of hungry coyotes running the Pinellas trail. But we persevered - quickly throwing the paint on canvas to create the foundation before the heavens opened up. In addition, Linda Renc, Calligrapher and Chief Meterologist from the Painted Fish Gallery was monitoring live radar on the internet to give us a 2 minute warning if needed. And it was needed - she came running from her shop to advise us that in her professional meteorological opinion "a big one is going to hit us." With her words of warning ringing in our ears and the sight of a long black shelf cloud rapidly beading down on us, we quickly packed up and sped to her store just as the buckets started falling. Needless to say, the night was still young so we retired to the local saloon for some nourishment and a pint or two. But we will return to paint - weather permitting! (Photos of Jenna, Don & Liz)

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