We Got Mail

2 amazing things happened. The first is that the Studio Waltz Plein Air Artists received a letter addressed to the group!
To let you know, we're a very informal bunch (and I use that term loosely) of artists that paint outdoors no matter the weather conditions, unless it's too hot, too cold, too snowy, too sleety, or there's torrential downpours.
Studio Waltz was developed 17 years ago to give non-artistic folks the opportunity to visit local artists' studios to see how they do what they do. A great idea!
Well, about 3 years ago I wanted to be included in the group, but couldn't let a horde of strangers tromp through my messy, dust-bunnied, pet-infested house to view my studio. So I weaseled myself into the Studio Waltz group as a plein air artist - what better way - the outdoors is the plein air artist's studio! They agreed, and every year I corral a few plein airers to participate. And now this plein air group of Studio Waltz has officially been legitimized, because we got a letter in the mail!
Which is the 2nd part of the amazing thing that happened. If you look closely at the address, it's to: Plein Air Artists, Main St and Pinellas Trail. There is no mailbox at this intersection and the USPS has never heard of us. But the wonderful resourceful mailman that travels this route through the heat, the cold, the snow, the sleet, the torrential downpours to deliver the mail found our little bunch of plein air artists! And we thank him/her for the delivery.

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